What Do You Do with Your Anxiety? Let God Use It.

How Does God Shape Us through Anxiety?

Our Father is a potter (Jer. 18:6). His hands are wet with grace, ever wielding the power of change, the power of his own good will.

The way in which Christ interacted with God, his word, and other people — that’s the way we are meant to interact.

  • Does your heart leap with joy at the thought of nearness to Christ, as John the Baptist leaped in his mother’s womb at the closeness of Christ? (Luke 1:44)
  • Do you sit at the feet of God’s word, asking for questions and begging for answers? Do you do that above all else? (Luke 2:46)
  • Do you stretch your hand out for God’s word before you stretch it out to grasp your breakfast? (Luke 4:1–4)
  • Do you hold your tongue (even the one inside your head) when tempted to make a deal with God, to put his grace and love to the test? (Luke 4:12)
  • Do you reach out to someone who’s shunned by a larger group of people? (Luke 5:13)
  • Do you give people second chances? (Luke 5:27)
  • Do you give others Christ as the reason to exclude, revile, and spurn you? (Luke 5:22)
  • Do you turn your other cheek to a clenched fist, even a fist made of words? (Luke 6:29)
  • Do you do selfless things for those who don’t like you? (Luke 6:35)
  • Do you withhold judgment in light of how you’ve been judged? (Luke 6:37)

Conforming to Christ’s image isn’t always a grand event showcased in the center of your life. It’s often in the back corners, in the quiet places.

Why Would We Want To Be Shaped?

Don’t Waste Your Anxiety

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Award-winning Christian author and teacher. Theology nerd. Anxiety warrior. Finding God in all things.

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Pierce Taylor Hibbs

Pierce Taylor Hibbs

Award-winning Christian author and teacher. Theology nerd. Anxiety warrior. Finding God in all things.

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