Biblical. Insightful. Spiritually-formative. That’s how I’d describe Live No Lies. I’ve been following John Mark Comer’s work for some years now, and I say with complete confidence that this is some of his best work. It sets out a strategy of attack for the greatest war of all time, a…

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What’s your answer? Go ahead and take a minute to think…

I’ve had an anxiety disorder for over 12 years. That’s enough panic attacks, rapid heart rates, and heat flashes to learn a thing or two. While I’ve written about my anxiety disorder in the context of my faith, there are also some things I’ve learned that apply to anyone who…

Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels

Pierce Taylor Hibbs

Award-winning Christian author and teacher. Theology nerd. Anxiety warrior. Finding God in all things.

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